Professional device designed for testing and calibration of electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors Common Rail

250 000 ₽
Diesel Easy Express Tester PLUS allows you to:

Activate electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors with the ability to change the waveform (voltage, currents);

Produce a single continuous signal to measure the electric stroke of armature. Has a database of dimensions;

Produce a single continuous signal with a smooth voltage change to measure the stroke of piezoelectric element;

Measure the pickup and dropout currents for electromagnetic injectors;

Produce a single continuous signal of 100V with a time-dependent graph of resistance changes of the piezoelectric element;

Measure inductance, both for input control and for adjustment;

Determine the capacity of the piezoelectric element. This is a highly important parameter when diagnosing piezoelectric injectors;

Detect the breakdown of an electromagnet or piezoelectric element in the range from 100V to 500 V;

Measure the resistance to direct and alternate currents in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 100 kHz;

Measure the opening pressure of the atomizer;

Evaluate the nozzle leakage rate by pressure drop time;

Print reports.

The device does not require connection to computer to work.

Exclusive software:

Intuitive interface;

Balanced color scheme;

High speed of work;

Touch Screen friendly software;

Simple update procedure via USB;

Flexible system of creating, editing and organizing test protocols (reports).

Purchase contents:

Diagnostic complex Express Tester with a set of cables, a fuel rail with build-in pressure sensor in reliable metal case;

Touch Screen monitor;

Printer for printing reports.
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How to update the Express Tester/PLUS?
How to update the Express Tester/PLUS?
A complete video instruction in how to update the Express Tester: ..