Test bench Diesel Easy Modern for Common Rail injectors and injection pumps

2 150 000 ₽
Technical features:

Diesel Easy Software operating system;

Test plans for Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens and Caterpillar injectors;

Two independent fuel circuits;

Working pressure up to 2400 Bar;

Flow-through measuring system;

Coding of Bosch (IMA,ISA), Denso (QR), Delphi (C2I, C3I, C4I) and Siemens (IIC) injectors;

Two ABB power plants - 4 kW and 7,5 kW;

Automated and manual checking of electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors;

Automated and manual checking of Common Rail injection pumps;

Testing of cargo injectors;

Automated testing using custom test plan;

Multilevel test fluid filtration system, which provide longer service life of the device' hydraulic and measuring systems;

Extra quality high pressure tubes to ensure bench tests at up to 2500 Bar pressure and minimize the pressure fluctuations;

The device constructions uses components utilized by high-end industry specialists (ABB, Mitsubishi);

Reliable precision flow meters (developed in Japan);

Flexible editing system for reports allows you to conveniently storing and organizing them;

Ergonomic design, ease of use, high-quality housing materials.


Free practical injectors repair training in the diesel service in St. Petersburg;

Long life time of the device without equipment failure, ease of service;

Universal solution for integrated approach to Common Rail equipment repair;

One stand - twice the usage;

Remote and on-site technical support for users;

One year warranty.
With the purchase of the Diesel Easy Modern repair training is free!